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Comic Con Alert ~ Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barksy

Nadeea's New Look  If you’re in San Diego for Comic Con 2013 be on the look out for these individuals: Nadeea Volianova, Brian Takita and Heather Anne Scott. All three individuals are involved in a 2012 Comic Con SCAM. 

Mr. Brian Takita, acting as “manager” to alleged “singer/actress” (chuckle) Nadeea Volianova, ran a CL ad hiring an assistant for her. Long story short ~ after working FOUR DAYS as a SLAVE to the yellow-glove-wearing, germ-phobic Volianova, the assistant was never paid. The assistant raised the issue with the Department of Labor and got an order in her favor. Takita refused the certified demand letter sent to his house in Topanga Canyon, and till this day refuses to pay the assistant. 

Volianova got off the hook pretty easily. This all fell on Takita but truth of the matter is that Volianova should have made good and paid the assistant. She chose not to do the right thing. But, not all is quite right in Volianova land ~ if you know what I mean. One can’t expect Perrier from a faucet. 

Volianova has as many personalities as she does costumes. You’ll find her sneaking into both Comic Con itself, as well as all the after parties. She’ll have someone (anyone, really) take a photo of her with whatever “celebrity” she can find. She’ll then fabricate an elaborate “story” about the encounter.

But, not all fall prey to this scamlebrity. There are several security guards from LA who, if they recognize her “disguise” will have her tossed out of the parties. If it weren’t for her total lack of talent and Cruella DeVille personality she’d probably rise to the D-list.

I’ve included a current photo of Volianova. Click through some of the other posts on this site to see more; as well as photos of Brian Takita, Heather Anne Scott and oh, how could I forget ITO KOBIASHI who sent me death threats for posting this blog.  Nice bunch…


Death Threats From ITO KOBIASHI (Updated Version)

Ito Kobiashi - The man who sent me 2 Death Threats via my blog comments.

Ito Kobiashi – The man who sent me 2 Death Threats via my blog comments.

Current Ito Kobiashi Photo

Well, the saga with Brian Takita continues. Please keep in mind that this blog wouldn’t exist if Mr. Takita had simply paid me for the services I provided to his client – Nadeea Volianova (aka Yana Barsky). I answered an ad Mr. Takita placed on Craig’s List.  To date, I have not been paid for the services I provided to his client, Nadeea Volianova, during the 4 days I worked for her, as her “personal assistant” in July 2012, during the San Diego Comic Con.

I have a case open with the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement. We have a 2nd hearing in February. Mr. Takita failed to show up to the 1st. When the deputy phoned him, Mr. Takita denied knowing of me, denied hiring me, denied that I worked for his client.  When the deputy asked him about the photographs I took, the text messages exchanged, and the emails (from Mr. Takita, himself)  confirming that I did, in fact, work for him Mr. Takita stated, “Those photos are useless.” The deputy pointed out to Mr. Takita that he just incriminated himself.  (P.S. Mr. Takita is using the “useless” photos I took of his client Nadeea around the web – despite not having the right to do so.) I digress.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened that I haven’t blogged about. I have knowledge, evidence and reason to believe that Mr. Takita has been harassing me online, through purchases, fake emails, etc.  Tonight I received 5 harassing comments on my blog – all awaiting approval. I approved 2 of them that I believe the public should see because they are death threats allegedly from “the Russian Mafia.”   The comments are from:   ITOKOBIASHI@YAHOO.COM  I have knowledge and reason to believe Ito is a friend to both Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova. The “picture” of the kind of individual Brain Takita REALLY IS, is becoming clearer.


Death Threats Below (verbatim):

ITO  ITOKOBIASHI@YAHOO.COM  Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 1:02 am


ITO ITOKOBIASHI@YAHOO.COM Submitted on 2013/01/21 at 12:52 am

Bitch you are out of you mind! You are a bag lady! A joke! stop trying to be a stoker! ha ha remove this shit or END UP DEAD FROM RUSSIAN MAFIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Ito Kobiashi MySpace


I have since disabled the comment function as I was receiving many harassing comments from Mr. Brian Takita and/or his “associates”.  Bottom line is – you can’t hire people, have them work for you and not pay them. It’s illegal.  Had Mr. Takita done the right thing and paid me in the first place – this blog wouldn’t exist. I’m BAFFLED at Mr. Takita’s ability to rationalize what he has done and attempt to portray ME in the light of the WRONG DOER.  I’m not a psychologist but it seems to me there is a major problem here.

The fact that Mr. Ito Kobiashi would go so far as to make DEATH THREATS to me, an individual he has never met, regarding a situation for which he has no FACTS other than those alleged by his so-called “friend” Mr. Takita (or perhaps Nadeea)  is disturbing. But, more disturbing is the fact that, as a friend, Mr. Takita (or Nadeea) would so grossly misrepresent THIS CASE to Mr. Kobiashi as to cause Mr. Kobiashi to put his reputation on the line. If Mr. Kobiashi knew the TRUTH.  If he saw the emails, the texts, the photos, the DOLSE file – the only individual he would be angry with would be the individual who misrepresented the facts to him – whether that be Mr. Takaita, or Nadeea Volianova. It seems that Mr. Kobiashi is a better friend to Mr. Takita and/or Nadeea than either of them is to him…


Brian Takita Scammed Me

A Milyon Eyes on You

A Milyon Eyes on You

Heather Anne Scott

Heather Anne Scott


On September 23, 2012 I received an email from a Dajon Young who wrote on behalf of his alleged “clients” Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova.

Here’s the mail, verbatum.

I am writing on Behalf of my clients Brain Takita & Nadeea Volianova. It has come to my attention that there have been several things written about “them” or specifically Nadeea that is offensive and blemish her career. We would like this blog removed immediately to prevent any further damage done. I also have been told that you have refused payment when offered to settle this disagreement. My clients would like to offer you the “compensation” previously offered so we can all move on from this as I’m sure you do too? They are ready to discuss this issue with you or your Attorney via letter, and email. We will provide you with Parker Stanbury LLP Brian and Nadeea’s law firm and Attorneys email upon your response. My clients are prepaid to deal with you fairly without further legal involvement upon the removal of your blog and a agreed upon payment for your time. I hope we can see eye to eye, as no one wants to make this bigger then it has to be. However they have told me they will seek further legal remedies if one can not be met reasonably. Please provide us with your address and the information needed to engage you or your legal consul . Thank you for your time.


Parker Stanbury, LLP

Province: CA
Toll Free Number: 800 526-8585
Direct Number: 213 955-0001

The interesting thing about this letter is that, when I provided a copy of it to the law firm – Parker Stanbury, LLP – they found no association with Dajon Young, Brian Takita or Nadeea Volianova.  Hmm…what could that mean?

With regard to his alleging my “refusing paypment” – I do know that an employer can not BARGAIN with an employee and set conditions, months after non-payment, such as – IF YOU TAKE YOUR BLOG DOWN – THE BLOG THAT LET THE WORLD KNOW I NEVER PAID YOU – I’LL PAY YOU AN AMOUNT I FEEL LIKE IT, AFTER THE BLOG HAS BEEN DOWN A MONTH.

It just gets better so keep on reading.

On November 16th, I met with the Department of Labor Standards.  Mr. Takita was notified of the hearing but FAILED TO APPEAR. The DOL representative phoned Mr. Takita. Mr. Takita denied having received the Department of Labor Standards notice of the hearing.  The DOL representative confirmed that he sent the notice to Mr. Takita’s correct address. The phone call was either dropped or Mr. Takita hung up. The Department of Labor Standards mediator called Mr. Takita again. Initially, Mr. Takita denied knowing of me.  He then admitted knowing me but denied that I provided any services for him or his client.  He then denied that he owed me any money.  He then said, “One more thing.  I tried paying her…” The Department of Labor Standards representative informed Mr. Takita that he had just incriminated himself. It just got worse from there for Mr. Takita as he repeatedly incriminated himself.

When the Department of Labor Standards mediator asked him about payment for the photos I took he stated that he didn’t ever receive any photos.  When the DOL representative informed him that I have emails proving photos were sent to his client, Nadeea he then said, “Yeah but they’re useless.”

The Department of Labor Standards mediator informed Mr. Takita that, should he not settle today, and we move forward with a hearing for which he fails to attend – there would be a substantial judgement against him including penalties. Mr. Takita’s voice trembled during our 3-way, speaker-phone conversation as he said, “I just want this to all go away.” He said he wanted to settle and get it over with. In the blink of an eye, Mr. Takita changed his mind and said, “No, never mind, I’m going to get an attorney.”

The Department of Labor Standards representative ended the conversation with Mr. Takita.  From what I learned today, it does not look good for Mr. Takita.

Moral of the story:  If you hire someone and they perform the requested services – pay them.

To date, I have not been paid by Mr. Takita for services rendered to his client, Nadeea.

Brian Takita and Nadeea: Con Artist & Almost Normal?

Brian Takita and Nadeea: Con Artist & Almost Normal?.

Brian Takita: Milyon Eyes on You

 A Milyon Eyes on You

A Milyon Eyes on You

I did a follow-up with my attorney moments ago.  I asked if he had heard anything from Brian Takita.  My attorney stated, “On July 30, 2012 at 2:18 pm, Mr. Takita phoned our call center. He didn’t leave a forwarding number or any other information.”

What’s my point? Brian Takita has repeatedly stated that he NEVER RECEIVED THE DEMAND LETTER(S) sent to both his home, and workplace – Milyoni, Inc . Why would Mr. Takita phone my attorney’s office if he never received the demand letters?

My first blog about this matter wasn’t posted until AUGUST 19th! I started blogging about this because Takita alleged he hadn’t received the demand letters, and still refused to pay me!

I double-checked with my attorney about my right to post these blogs.  My attorney informed me that because of a little thing called, “freedom of speech” I have the right to post these truthful blogs.

Dear Mr. Takita,

Pay me what you owe me and I will let the world know you did.

Standing my ground,


P.S. Let’s not forget Ms. Heather Anne (Heather Anne Scott) – the assistant with whom I communicated via email.  The assistant who placed the Craig’s List ad on behalf of Mr. Takita.  The assistant who warned me, via email, about their  “difficult” client, Nadeea.

Brian Takita: Is this a SCAM? You tell me.

Brian Takita: Scam Artist? You tell me.

Brian Takita: Scam Artist? You tell me.

Brian Takita’s text message response to my previous post (Brian Takita Fails Fair Business Practices 101):  “I always wanted to pay you.  I just never had enough information.”

HUH?!? Of course you did, Brian! That’s why you  AND Nadeea, AND your assistant HEATHER ANNE SCOTT, ignored my phone calls, text messages, emails and demand letters for 2 MONTHS!

How about this?  I’d like to give Brian Takita  an opportunity to redeem himself.  I’ve sent a demand letter to both his home AND his workplace at Milyoni Inc. – THE LEADER IN SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT.  That was almost two months ago. Takita swears he never received EITHER.  Neither letter was returned. Interesting, don’t you think?  I even prefaced the sending of the letter to Milyoni with a phonce call, so I know (and they know) they were expecting it.  Could Milyoni be the self-alleged LEADER because the individuals who work for them never PAY their employees? Hey, it’s a creative way to cut expenses. Not great for the reputation, but keeps the bank balance on the bright side.Takita has given me all kinds of orders. The most current being, as you already know if you read my 2 previous posts, to REMOVE my posts about him and then MAYBE  after it has been down for a MONTH he’ll pay me what he FEELS he owe me.  For all the employers out there – isn’t that how EVERYONE does business?!?

Well, I only realized today that I haven’t given Mr. Takita any orders, outside of the ignored official demand letter sent by my attorney.  I’ve never been good at giving orders.  I like the feel of level ground. I like opportunities. So, I’m creating an OPPORTUNITY for Mr. Takita to REDEEM himself in the eyes of cyberspace, and whoever else matters to him.

It goes something like this. No, it goes exactly like this, because this post is the OFFICIAL REDEMPTION OPPORTUNITY.

Dear Mr. Takita,

WHEN you pay me WHAT you owe me as outlined in the DEMAND letter you RECEIVED I will post a NEW BLOG letting everyone know you redeemed yourself.  I will NOT however remove my posts being that they are TRUE and FACTUAL.  Opting to redeem yourself  does not  mean that you didn’t SCREW ME in the first place. (Remember how you said, “We don’t have a contract I don’t have to pay you. Go ahead and sue me you’ll never get the money anyway?”)

So, the posts stay up. They only went up because you refused to pay me.  But, should  you choose to redeem yourself, at least the world will know that in the END you DID THE RIGHT THING.  I really shouldn’t even give you this opportunity. You don’t deserve it. I say this because it is true, and because the course of action I’m moving forward with could potentially reward me  substantially MORE.  I digress.

In closing, you already have my address ON THE DEMAND LETTER(S). So, when I RECEIVE payment from you I’ll post a blog to let everyone know.  Until then, you are Brian Takita, Man of False Promises.  Is this a SCAM?  You tell me.

Dear Readers: To date I have not been paid for the services I rendered as a “personal assistant” to Brian Takita’s alleged “client” and presumed “live-in buddy” (Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky) during Comic Con San Diego 2012 from July 12 through July 15.

Brian Takita Employment History: (Per his Linked In Public Profile):

(Current)Lead Developer at Milyoni, Inc, Senior Software Engineer at TrueCar, Inc., (Current) Investor/Artist Management Team at Nadeea, Lead Developer at Honk.com, Agile Engineer at Pivotal Labs, Consultant at KGB (formerly InfoNXX), Consultant at Grockit.com, Consultant at Peer to Patent, IT Analyst at NASPP, Web Application Developer Intern at Flextronics.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I’ll keep you posted. Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Brian Takita and Nadeea: Con Artist & Almost Normal?

English: Nadeea (aka Nadeea Volianova) attendi...

Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky

This is a bit off-topic for me but being a person of principle I need to go here.

I often take on part-time, side-jobs for both fun & money. I answered an ad on Craig’s List for a personal assistant for a “B-list Celebrity”. I was warned from the beginning that she would be “difficult”.  That’s her on the left, and the upper right. She enjoys wearing wigs. (The man with the decorated face displaying his Dentyne, is Brian Takita – more about him later.)

After responnding to the CL ad I was hired via email by a Ms. Heather Anne Scott, to assist (what a security guard referred to as a) “wanna-be-non-celebrity”, Nadeea Volianova  aka Yana Barsky, during Comic Con this July in San Diego.

Long story short, I worked the 4 days playing slave to what was a (in my experience) neurotic, tantrum-tossing, obsessive compulsive, delusional, puts-her-shoes-on-with-yellow-rubber-gloves, germ-phobic, looks -40-something year old who swears she’s 25.

I spent my money purchasing her vegan meals, a skull-cap for her bane outfit, Jamba Juice, Perrier in GLASS bottles, and gas for my car. I was never reimbursed. I repeatedly asked her for petty cash typically provided by professionals to assistants. She said her “manager” would pay me and that she had “nothing to do with the money.” The CL ad stated she would have a car for me to use, but she didn’t.  I used my car.  She demanded that I take photos of her with my camera. I did. She demanded I edit them. I did.  I spent HOURS, outside of the hours I worked for her doing this.

She didn’t have tickets to get into the after-parties at the Hardrock Hotel, or Comic Con.  She demanded that I “sneak” her in.  I successfully helped her access the Warner Brothers Expendables after-party, the Entertainment Weekly after-party, the Walking Dead after-party, the CMA after-party, and several others.  She demanded that I approach celebrities and ask them to pose with her.  Terry Crews and Alexander Skarsgard are two examples.  At one point she insisted that I walk beside her on the red carpet (at an event she “snuck” into) and hold a hand-written, wrinkled sheet of paper with her name on it, out in front of her.  I tried desperately to talk her out of this, to no avail.  We walked the red carpet and up went the red flags. Nadeea was kicked-out of the party and blacklisted – not for the first time.

Security guards blocked one of her attempts to enter another after-party.  Nadeea later sent me back to get their names so she could complain about them.  When I went back to talk with these men they told me they recognized her from LA and that she is blacklisted for trying to sneak into LA events.  They called her, “a nut-case”.  As you can tell by the photographs she is a chamelion.  She has a collection of wigs and masks.  She often changes her appearance. The security guards stated, “she tries to deceive us by looking different – that’s why she has the mask on tonight – but we know who she is.”

Conclusion: It seems it was a scam.  I worked the 4 days and Ms. Volianova’s alleged manager, Brian Takita  (who claims he works for Milyoni, Inc – The Leader in Social Entertainment) refused to pay me.  Mr. Takita stated, “We don’t have a written contract so I don’t have to pay you.”  I said I’d get legal help.  He said, “Go ahead and sue me you’ll never get paid anyway.”

So, I’ve had my attorney send him a demand letter giving him 10 days to respond.  No response.  So, I move forward with step 2 and will continue moving forward until I get paid. Per my attorney, Mr. Takita will owe me for 30 days of wages – in addition to the 4 days I worked.  On principle, I will persist.

I have proof of all of this including: emails, text messages and dated photos.  So, I’m not worried about their alleging this never happened.

Meanwhile,  in the best interest of the public, I think it is important to take this blog entry as a warning and notice that, I have knowledge and reason to believe, Mr. Brian Takita is a scam artist.  It is my understanding that Nadeea Voilanova (aka Yana Barsky) and Brian Takita live together in Topanga Canyon.  If anyone has had a similar experience with any of these three people, I’d LOVE to hear about it.

Heather Anne Scott, the woman who orchestrated the CL ad, hired me and communicated with me via email about the position seems to have slipped through the cracks.  Will Ms. Scott get off scott-free?  Not if I can help it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will keep you posted.  Below are 4 of the 60-something photos I took of this, in my opinion, “severely disturbed” woman during Comic Con 2012 in San Diego.  Amazing!  She looks almost normal, doesn’t she?

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