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Carolyn Grace Matteo – Rip Off Report Scam

1) We have knowledge and reason to believe that internet/CL scammers: Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova posted a false, malicious Rip Off Report about Carolyn Grace Matteo, under the false name, “Natalie”.

2) Volianova and Takita did this in retaliation for Ms. Matteo’s seeking assistance from the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement for payment for work she performed for Nadeea Volianova. Matteo answered a CL ad, was hired, performed the work as requested, but was never paid.

3) Matteo obtained a judgment/order from the Department of Labor requiring Takita to pay. Takita stated to Matteo, “You’ll never see that money.”

4) The report filed against Matteo is malicious and unfounded. The report claims that a non-existent “Natalie” filed a restraining order and police report. There is no evidence that either exist. The report is a result of two criminals: Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova, taking advantage of an opportunity to harass Matteo anonymously by posting false, derogatory statements  in the absence of any accountability.

5) We have learned that Volianova also scammed Igor Sanaev who provided her with hair/make-up services for which he was never paid.

6) We have knowledge and reason to believe Mr. Takita subsequently hacked Ms. Matteo’s email and purchased a dot com in her name.

Fact: Ripoff Report allows users over the age of fourteen to post free, un-moderated and uncorroborated complaints known as ‘reports’ which contain details of the user’s experience with the company or individual listed in the report. The site requires users to create an account which includes an unconfirmed email address before reports can be submitted. According to the site’s  Terms of Service, users are required to affirm that their reports are truthful and accurate but the site says that it neither investigates, confirms or corroborates the accuracy of submissions. Ripoff Report has more than 1 million pages indexed on Google. Google profits every time someone clicks on one of these reports. For between $5,000 and $100,000 Rip Off Report  will “help you” mitigate damages due to their report. Many call this, “EXTORTION”.

Fox News Bill O’Reilly Say Rip Off Report  is #1 on the list of the:  “Worst Websites in America”

Worst Websites in America Video

Ed Magedson Rip Off Report Scam

Complaint by Igor Sanaev: Provided Hair/Make-up Services to Volianova and Was Never Paid

I can be reached at: carolynmatteo@yahoo.com


Brian Takita: CL Scam Alert Upate

Brian Takita

Brian Takita

Beware of hiring or being hired by Brian Takita.

To date he has not paid his employee for the work she did as a personal assistant for his alleged “client”, later to be revealed as his “live-in-girlfriend” Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky.  A judgment was issued by the Department of Labor in favor of  the plaintiff on April 22, 2013 for work she performed in July of 2012 during the San Diego Comic Con.  A Takita “associate” sent death threats to the plaintiff as a result of her pursuing the matter and sharing her experience. Takita and/or associate retaliated by hacking plaintiff’s email, filing a fraudulent Rip Off Report against plaintiff, and purchasing domain names in her name.

To date Mr. Takita has not paid  the assistant. We have knowledge and reason to believe that Takita and Volianova together orchestrated this CL scam.  To  learn more about this situation please read my previous posts.

Brian Takita’s Alleged Occupation: Full Stack Web Engineer

Current Employer: Rundavoo

Some Previous Employers: Milyoni, True Car, Inc., Honk.com

Education: University of the Pacific

Brian Takita Rip Off Report

Here is Brian Takita’s Twitter

Here is Brian Takita’s Website

Here is Brian Takita’s Linkedin

DOL Issues Judgment Against Brian Takita


Nadeea Volianova (Appearance varies with wigs and bane outfits)

A Milyon Eyes on You

Brian Takita

Ito Kobiashi 2

Ito Kobiashi

Heather Anne Scott

Heather Anne Scott

On April 22, 2013, the Labor Commissioner issued an Order, Decision, or Award in favor of the plaintiff, and a judgment in the amount of $2,875.01 in the Superior Court against Mr. Brian Takita for hiring an employee and refusing to pay her.

Mr. Takita failed to appear at any of the Department of Labor Hearings, and has neglected to contact the plaintiff to arrange payment of the debt.

Comic Con is right around the corner.  Unsuspecting CL job seekers beware.  Brian Takita and/or Heather Scott (Brian Takita Assistant in 2012) may be running ads in San Diego, CA in search of a “personal assistant” for  Nadeea Volianova  ~ a Russian “singer/actress” aka Yana Barsky.

In 2012 I answered a CL ad, placed by Mr. Brian Takita. I was hired and worked for 4 days as a personal assistant for Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky.  Mr. Takita never paid me.  I opened a case with the Department of Labor and a judgment has been issued in my favor. Along the way Mr. Takita’s associate,  Ito Kobiashi sent me death threats. Be on the look out for these individuals.  When answering CL ads be sure to get everything in writing. Get physical addresses of those involved  and have all parties sign an agreement as to the rate and means of payment for your services.

“Scamlebrities” Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova: Malicious Con Artists Exposed

040Mr. Takita ran a CL ad in July 2012 and hired a personal assistant to work for 4 days during the San Diego Comic Con, for his “client/live-in partner” Nadeea Volianova (aka Yana Barsky).  Volianova stated that Takita would pay the assistant. Takita failed to pay the assistant and challenged her in stating, “take me to court, you’ll never get paid.”

The assistant’s main responsibilities included: “sneaking” Volianova into industry events for which she lacked credentials, “sneaking” her into Comic Con for which she had no tickets, and then asking “celebrities” if Volianova could have her photo taken with them.

Since then, Mr. Takita, Volianova and “friend” Ito Kobiashi have harassed the assistant as follows:

1) Sent death threats (per Ito Kobiashi alleged on behalf of the Russian Mafia)

2) Filed a false and defamatory Rip Off Report

3) Maliciously purchased a domain name in the assistant’s name and an additional domain name that knowingly infringed on the assistant’s trademarks and intellectual property rights.

4) Hacked her email

* * * Be on the look-out for these individuals. * * *Use caution when answering Craig’s List ads.

Don’t let scammers like Takita, Volianova (Barsky), and Kobiashi bully you.

Click on the link below to read the NOTICE OF PAYMENT DUE – the Labor Commissioner’s Order, Decision or Award served to Mr. Takita and dated February 13, 2013. To date, Mr. Takita has failed to respond to the notice.

Alert: Brian Takita + Nadeea Volianova = Bad Behavior

A photo I took of Ms. Volianova during the 4 days I worked as her personal assistant during Comic Con 2012. A job for which I was promised payment but never received.

In addition to the recent “defamation” and “death threats” directed at me,  by Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova, I recently became aware that Brian Takita, Nadeea Volianova and or Ito Kobiashi (sender of death threats alleged on behalf of the Russian Mafia) hacked my email, purchased domain names infringing upon my trademark and personal identity, and filed a false, defaming RipOff report.I have knowledge and reason to believe that Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova continue to spread false, defaming, slanderous statements  (in spite of the recent Cease and Desist letter sent to them on my behalf) by my attorney.

F.Y.I. In July 2012 I answered a CL ad posted by Brian Takita. I was hired under the promise of payment, to work 4 days as Nadeea Volianova’s (aka Yana Barksy) personal assistant during SD Comic Con 2012. I was never paid for those 4 days. I filed a DOLSE suit against the parties and began blogging about my experience. Resultantly, I have since been defamed, harassed, received death threats, had my email hacked, and suffered personal identity and trademark infringement by the individuals aforementioned.

Brian Takita Scammed Me

A Milyon Eyes on You

A Milyon Eyes on You

Heather Anne Scott

Heather Anne Scott


On September 23, 2012 I received an email from a Dajon Young who wrote on behalf of his alleged “clients” Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova.

Here’s the mail, verbatum.

I am writing on Behalf of my clients Brain Takita & Nadeea Volianova. It has come to my attention that there have been several things written about “them” or specifically Nadeea that is offensive and blemish her career. We would like this blog removed immediately to prevent any further damage done. I also have been told that you have refused payment when offered to settle this disagreement. My clients would like to offer you the “compensation” previously offered so we can all move on from this as I’m sure you do too? They are ready to discuss this issue with you or your Attorney via letter, and email. We will provide you with Parker Stanbury LLP Brian and Nadeea’s law firm and Attorneys email upon your response. My clients are prepaid to deal with you fairly without further legal involvement upon the removal of your blog and a agreed upon payment for your time. I hope we can see eye to eye, as no one wants to make this bigger then it has to be. However they have told me they will seek further legal remedies if one can not be met reasonably. Please provide us with your address and the information needed to engage you or your legal consul . Thank you for your time.


Parker Stanbury, LLP

Province: CA
Toll Free Number: 800 526-8585
Direct Number: 213 955-0001

The interesting thing about this letter is that, when I provided a copy of it to the law firm – Parker Stanbury, LLP – they found no association with Dajon Young, Brian Takita or Nadeea Volianova.  Hmm…what could that mean?

With regard to his alleging my “refusing paypment” – I do know that an employer can not BARGAIN with an employee and set conditions, months after non-payment, such as – IF YOU TAKE YOUR BLOG DOWN – THE BLOG THAT LET THE WORLD KNOW I NEVER PAID YOU – I’LL PAY YOU AN AMOUNT I FEEL LIKE IT, AFTER THE BLOG HAS BEEN DOWN A MONTH.

It just gets better so keep on reading.

On November 16th, I met with the Department of Labor Standards.  Mr. Takita was notified of the hearing but FAILED TO APPEAR. The DOL representative phoned Mr. Takita. Mr. Takita denied having received the Department of Labor Standards notice of the hearing.  The DOL representative confirmed that he sent the notice to Mr. Takita’s correct address. The phone call was either dropped or Mr. Takita hung up. The Department of Labor Standards mediator called Mr. Takita again. Initially, Mr. Takita denied knowing of me.  He then admitted knowing me but denied that I provided any services for him or his client.  He then denied that he owed me any money.  He then said, “One more thing.  I tried paying her…” The Department of Labor Standards representative informed Mr. Takita that he had just incriminated himself. It just got worse from there for Mr. Takita as he repeatedly incriminated himself.

When the Department of Labor Standards mediator asked him about payment for the photos I took he stated that he didn’t ever receive any photos.  When the DOL representative informed him that I have emails proving photos were sent to his client, Nadeea he then said, “Yeah but they’re useless.”

The Department of Labor Standards mediator informed Mr. Takita that, should he not settle today, and we move forward with a hearing for which he fails to attend – there would be a substantial judgement against him including penalties. Mr. Takita’s voice trembled during our 3-way, speaker-phone conversation as he said, “I just want this to all go away.” He said he wanted to settle and get it over with. In the blink of an eye, Mr. Takita changed his mind and said, “No, never mind, I’m going to get an attorney.”

The Department of Labor Standards representative ended the conversation with Mr. Takita.  From what I learned today, it does not look good for Mr. Takita.

Moral of the story:  If you hire someone and they perform the requested services – pay them.

To date, I have not been paid by Mr. Takita for services rendered to his client, Nadeea.

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