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Carolyn Grace Matteo


I’m Carolyn. A victim of an online CL scam by: Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova and a subsequent false and malicious Rip Off Report.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope my blog will spread awareness and prevent others from being scammed as I was.




Scam Alert: Ito Kobiashi, Brian Takita, Nadeea Volianova – Death Threat Email

I answered an ad on CL and took a 4-day job as an assistant to a female by the name of Nadeea Volianova during Comic Con, San Diego. I was scammed. Nadeea Volianova stated that her live-in boyfriend/manager, Brian Takita, was responsible for payment. Mr. Takita refused to pay me.I informed both parties that I would initiate a claim with the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement. I did and I won. There is an order/judgment in place for Mr. Takita to pay. Mr. Takita has stated, “You’ll never see that money.”In retaliation for my initiating the claim either Mr. Takita himself, or Nadeea Volianova posted a false and malicious Rip Off Report under my name. Additionally, I have received death threats from one of their friends – Ito Kobiashi. I’ve attached the threats here. Interestingly, Mr. Kobiashi sends another email now that a few years have passed, alleging he ” would never make a death threat.” Unfortunately, for Mr. Kobiashi, I have saved the original CL ad, all the messages exchanged between myself and Volianova and myself and Takita, along with all the emails.When the DOL order amount due me is paid in full, and when the false, malicious  Rip Off Report posted under the false name of “Natalie” is removed, I will remove this blog. I only created this blog because I was scammed. You people are not going to intimidate me. Eventually, you will be brought to justice because I’m going to continue seeking justice.

Mr. Kobiashi’s emails are below. In the first he asks if I “care about living”. In the second he threatens to kill me. In the third he denies meeting, knowing, or contacting me and alleges he wants to resolve this matter, “peacefully and respectfully.” All three emails were sent from the same email address.

Again, Mr. Kobiashi, I’ve been asking for 3 years to be paid, and for the false, malicious, Rip Off Report to be removed. The ball has always been in Brian Takita’s court. Mr. Takita can contact the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement to pay his debt.

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More information about ITO

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Hello. My name is Ito Kobiashi and I am listed in your complaint. I can only say that I have never met you nor ever contacted you in any way. I also would never make any death threats. If you did receive any threatening emails from my email address, it is probably written by some one else with out my knowledge. I do know both Nadeea and B. Takita but do not have any involvement with this issue. I have recently asked Nadeea and Brian to pay you so this blog can be taken down. With the proper negotiations, I can get this resolved. Let me know if you want to work this out in a respectful and peaceful manner. I think you already have my email address.


 Yes, Mr. Kobiashi, I already have your email address.

Brian Takita: CL Scam Alert Upate

Brian Takita

Brian Takita

Beware of hiring or being hired by Brian Takita.

To date he has not paid his employee for the work she did as a personal assistant for his alleged “client”, later to be revealed as his “live-in-girlfriend” Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky.  A judgment was issued by the Department of Labor in favor of  the plaintiff on April 22, 2013 for work she performed in July of 2012 during the San Diego Comic Con.  A Takita “associate” sent death threats to the plaintiff as a result of her pursuing the matter and sharing her experience. Takita and/or associate retaliated by hacking plaintiff’s email, filing a fraudulent Rip Off Report against plaintiff, and purchasing domain names in her name.

To date Mr. Takita has not paid  the assistant. We have knowledge and reason to believe that Takita and Volianova together orchestrated this CL scam.  To  learn more about this situation please read my previous posts.

Brian Takita’s Alleged Occupation: Full Stack Web Engineer

Current Employer: Rundavoo

Some Previous Employers: Milyoni, True Car, Inc., Honk.com

Education: University of the Pacific

Brian Takita Rip Off Report

Here is Brian Takita’s Twitter

Here is Brian Takita’s Website

Here is Brian Takita’s Linkedin

Comic Con Alert ~ Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barksy

Nadeea's New Look  If you’re in San Diego for Comic Con 2013 be on the look out for these individuals: Nadeea Volianova, Brian Takita and Heather Anne Scott. All three individuals are involved in a 2012 Comic Con SCAM. 

Mr. Brian Takita, acting as “manager” to alleged “singer/actress” (chuckle) Nadeea Volianova, ran a CL ad hiring an assistant for her. Long story short ~ after working FOUR DAYS as a SLAVE to the yellow-glove-wearing, germ-phobic Volianova, the assistant was never paid. The assistant raised the issue with the Department of Labor and got an order in her favor. Takita refused the certified demand letter sent to his house in Topanga Canyon, and till this day refuses to pay the assistant. 

Volianova got off the hook pretty easily. This all fell on Takita but truth of the matter is that Volianova should have made good and paid the assistant. She chose not to do the right thing. But, not all is quite right in Volianova land ~ if you know what I mean. One can’t expect Perrier from a faucet. 

Volianova has as many personalities as she does costumes. You’ll find her sneaking into both Comic Con itself, as well as all the after parties. She’ll have someone (anyone, really) take a photo of her with whatever “celebrity” she can find. She’ll then fabricate an elaborate “story” about the encounter.

But, not all fall prey to this scamlebrity. There are several security guards from LA who, if they recognize her “disguise” will have her tossed out of the parties. If it weren’t for her total lack of talent and Cruella DeVille personality she’d probably rise to the D-list.

I’ve included a current photo of Volianova. Click through some of the other posts on this site to see more; as well as photos of Brian Takita, Heather Anne Scott and oh, how could I forget ITO KOBIASHI who sent me death threats for posting this blog.  Nice bunch…

“Scamlebrities” Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova: Malicious Con Artists Exposed

040Mr. Takita ran a CL ad in July 2012 and hired a personal assistant to work for 4 days during the San Diego Comic Con, for his “client/live-in partner” Nadeea Volianova (aka Yana Barsky).  Volianova stated that Takita would pay the assistant. Takita failed to pay the assistant and challenged her in stating, “take me to court, you’ll never get paid.”

The assistant’s main responsibilities included: “sneaking” Volianova into industry events for which she lacked credentials, “sneaking” her into Comic Con for which she had no tickets, and then asking “celebrities” if Volianova could have her photo taken with them.

Since then, Mr. Takita, Volianova and “friend” Ito Kobiashi have harassed the assistant as follows:

1) Sent death threats (per Ito Kobiashi alleged on behalf of the Russian Mafia)

2) Filed a false and defamatory Rip Off Report

3) Maliciously purchased a domain name in the assistant’s name and an additional domain name that knowingly infringed on the assistant’s trademarks and intellectual property rights.

4) Hacked her email

* * * Be on the look-out for these individuals. * * *Use caution when answering Craig’s List ads.

Don’t let scammers like Takita, Volianova (Barsky), and Kobiashi bully you.

Click on the link below to read the NOTICE OF PAYMENT DUE – the Labor Commissioner’s Order, Decision or Award served to Mr. Takita and dated February 13, 2013. To date, Mr. Takita has failed to respond to the notice.

Brian Takita Fails Fair Business Practices 101

I have a dilemma. I just got a phone call from Brian Takita (above left), the man who failed to pay me for services I rendered TWO MONTHS AGO, as a personal assistant to his alleged client, Nadeea Volianova (aka Yana Barsky) for 4 days, during Comic Con San Diego, July 12th – July 15th, 2012.

Brian is upset about one of my earlier blog posts. It is a post in which I share my experience as Nadeea’s personal assistant.  Brian claims I’ve “slandered” him, and Nadeea. He said he’s getting “a lot of flak from his side” and needs me to take down my blog post.

I told Brian that when he pays me, I’ll take the post down and that had he paid me in the first place, it would have never gone up.  He proceeded to argue with me about the amount due. He said, “There weren’t supposed to be any wages paid for that position. I didn’t even know you were hired.”  This is despite the fact that both his client, Nadeea, and his assistant Heather Scott (the woman who posted the CL help wanted ad and hired me on behalf of Mr. Takita) stated that Brian was responsible for payment. This is despite the fact that I have emails from Brian Takita stating that he is the “only” responsible paying party. This is despite my possessing emails stating the amount of payment. Brian also claims to have “never received” the demand letter sent by my attorney.  That’s interesting in that two copies were sent – one to his home, and the other to his place of employment, Milyoni Entertainment, Inc.  In the next breath, Brian mentions the demand letter.

Are Mr. Takita’s inconsistent statements due to some situational Alzheimers?  Or, could they be a symptom of the deadly Pinocchio Virus that’s going around?

First off, I haven’t “slandered” anyone. I’ve simply shared my “experience”.  Secondly, it’s clear that I would have NEVER HEARD FROM BRIAN TAKITA AGAIN, if I hadn’t posted a blog about my experience.  When this all went down in July Brian stated,” We don’t have a written contract, I don’t have to pay you. Go ahead and sue me, you’ll never get paid anyway.” What kind of person does this? What kind of person says these things?

And now, only AFTER Mr. Takita read my blog, is he interested in a POSSIBLE sketchy payment plan.  He made some lame offer to pay me HALF of what he “feels” he owes me IF I take the blog post down, and the other half AFTER THE BLOG HAS BEEN DOWN FOR A MONTH. WHAT?!?!? I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Takita failed both Symbolic Logic AND Fair Business Practices 101.

I have a dilemma.  As I already stated, I’m sure I would have NEVER heard from Mr. Takita again, had I not posted a blog about my experience. A blog that just so happens to spread a bit of public light on what seems a dark character. If I take the blog down, will I be doing a disservice to others, like myself, who may fall prey to this finger-pointing threesome?  I have no reason to believe that even if I take the blog down Mr. Takita will ever pay me because he has demonstrated to me that he  just isn’t a man of his word.

So, what to do?  When I desperately needed the money that I EARNED and was PROMISED by Mr. Takita, Mr. Takita ignored my emails and phone calls, as did Nadeea, as did Heather Anne Scott. With that said, and after MUCH deliberation I’ve made a decision.

In the best interest of all, and in the name of principle, the blog post stays.  I will move forward with the course of action in place.  It’s just not ok to screw people like this and have a sudden change of heart because your dirty laundry is unexpectedly hung for all to see.

Truth is, I’ll probably never see the money I earned, but hopefully, the fact that I’ve shared this information will prevent others from experiencing such loss.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’ll keep you posted. Exercise caution when answering Craig’s List ads. Hope your judgement is better than mine…

Click here to read the previous blog entry about Brian Takita, Nadeea and Heather Anne Scott.

Moral of the story: If you are going to screw someone by not paying them, expect to read all about it on someone’s blog.

Heather Anne Scott

Heather Anne Scott

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