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Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova Scam

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Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova Scam Update – Comic Con 2015

Brian Takita - Ran CL scam.

Brian Takita – Ran CL scam. Thief.

Nadeea Volianova - Beware of this individual. Ran CL Scam. Looking Like A Homeless Person? Possibly pregnant? Or, just gained a lot of weight.

Nadeea Volianova – Beware of this individual. Ran CL Scam. Looking Like A Homeless Person? Possibly pregnant? Or, just gained a lot of weight.

Beware of this individual. Sent death threats. Associated with Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova who ran CL scam.

Beware of this individual. Sent death threats. Associated with Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova who ran CL scam.

Well, yet another year has passed and I still haven’t been paid. Here’s a very brief summary of what happened:

1) I answered an ad on CL to work as an assistant for Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky during Comic Con. (Later learned that Volianova didn’t even have TICKETS to get in to Comic Con! She snuck in.) Most of my job consisted of asking celebrities to pose for photos with her.

2) I performed the duties she requested – above and beyond.

3) When it was time for payment, Volianova, wanted to keep me on for another day. I declined. She stated that her “manager”(whom I later learned was her live-in boyfriend, Brian Takita) was responsible for payment.

4) I contacted Brian Takita. He refused to pay me.

5) I filed a complaint with the Department of Labor Standards Enforcement and won. There is a judgment/order for payment in place.

6) Mr. Takita states, and I quote, “You’ll never see that money.”

7) I then received death threats, via email, from a Mr. Ito Kobiashi.

8) I learned about a year later that one of these three individuals retaliated by posting a FALSE, MALICIOUS RIP OFF REPORT about me.

9) This false, malicious RIP OFF REPORT has been widely destructive in my life.

10) Beware of these individuals and use caution when responding to CL ads. Get everything in writing and know a bit about the individuals with whom you are dealing BEFORE you get into a situation such as this.

11) If you, or someone you know, has had a similar experience with any of the aforementioned individuals please contact me. I continue to take the legal  steps required to collect on this debt.

Here’s a link to Brian Takita’s website

Here’s a link to Brian Takita’s Bio

Here are a few more photos of Nadeaa Volianova aka Yana Barsky:

Nadeea Volianova - Beware of this individual/poser. Stalker. Thief. Runs CL scams. Begs for money.

Nadeea Volianova – Beware of this individual/poser. Stalker. Thief. Runs CL scams. Begs for money.

Nadeea Volianova - Beware of this individual/poser. Stalker. Thief. Tresspasser. Runs CL Scam ads.

Nadeea Volianova – Beware of this individual/poser. Stalker. Thief. Runs CL Scams. Here’s a quote from her FB page:” I have a new song coming ,and if you think F’ CK ME DADDY was outrageous, GET READY for “PUNCH ME IN THE FACE!”!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Brian Takita: Milyon Eyes on You

 A Milyon Eyes on You

A Milyon Eyes on You

I did a follow-up with my attorney moments ago.  I asked if he had heard anything from Brian Takita.  My attorney stated, “On July 30, 2012 at 2:18 pm, Mr. Takita phoned our call center. He didn’t leave a forwarding number or any other information.”

What’s my point? Brian Takita has repeatedly stated that he NEVER RECEIVED THE DEMAND LETTER(S) sent to both his home, and workplace – Milyoni, Inc . Why would Mr. Takita phone my attorney’s office if he never received the demand letters?

My first blog about this matter wasn’t posted until AUGUST 19th! I started blogging about this because Takita alleged he hadn’t received the demand letters, and still refused to pay me!

I double-checked with my attorney about my right to post these blogs.  My attorney informed me that because of a little thing called, “freedom of speech” I have the right to post these truthful blogs.

Dear Mr. Takita,

Pay me what you owe me and I will let the world know you did.

Standing my ground,


P.S. Let’s not forget Ms. Heather Anne (Heather Anne Scott) – the assistant with whom I communicated via email.  The assistant who placed the Craig’s List ad on behalf of Mr. Takita.  The assistant who warned me, via email, about their  “difficult” client, Nadeea.

Brian Takita and Nadeea: Con Artist & Almost Normal?

English: Nadeea (aka Nadeea Volianova) attendi...

Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky

This is a bit off-topic for me but being a person of principle I need to go here.

I often take on part-time, side-jobs for both fun & money. I answered an ad on Craig’s List for a personal assistant for a “B-list Celebrity”. I was warned from the beginning that she would be “difficult”.  That’s her on the left, and the upper right. She enjoys wearing wigs. (The man with the decorated face displaying his Dentyne, is Brian Takita – more about him later.)

After responnding to the CL ad I was hired via email by a Ms. Heather Anne Scott, to assist (what a security guard referred to as a) “wanna-be-non-celebrity”, Nadeea Volianova  aka Yana Barsky, during Comic Con this July in San Diego.

Long story short, I worked the 4 days playing slave to what was a (in my experience) neurotic, tantrum-tossing, obsessive compulsive, delusional, puts-her-shoes-on-with-yellow-rubber-gloves, germ-phobic, looks -40-something year old who swears she’s 25.

I spent my money purchasing her vegan meals, a skull-cap for her bane outfit, Jamba Juice, Perrier in GLASS bottles, and gas for my car. I was never reimbursed. I repeatedly asked her for petty cash typically provided by professionals to assistants. She said her “manager” would pay me and that she had “nothing to do with the money.” The CL ad stated she would have a car for me to use, but she didn’t.  I used my car.  She demanded that I take photos of her with my camera. I did. She demanded I edit them. I did.  I spent HOURS, outside of the hours I worked for her doing this.

She didn’t have tickets to get into the after-parties at the Hardrock Hotel, or Comic Con.  She demanded that I “sneak” her in.  I successfully helped her access the Warner Brothers Expendables after-party, the Entertainment Weekly after-party, the Walking Dead after-party, the CMA after-party, and several others.  She demanded that I approach celebrities and ask them to pose with her.  Terry Crews and Alexander Skarsgard are two examples.  At one point she insisted that I walk beside her on the red carpet (at an event she “snuck” into) and hold a hand-written, wrinkled sheet of paper with her name on it, out in front of her.  I tried desperately to talk her out of this, to no avail.  We walked the red carpet and up went the red flags. Nadeea was kicked-out of the party and blacklisted – not for the first time.

Security guards blocked one of her attempts to enter another after-party.  Nadeea later sent me back to get their names so she could complain about them.  When I went back to talk with these men they told me they recognized her from LA and that she is blacklisted for trying to sneak into LA events.  They called her, “a nut-case”.  As you can tell by the photographs she is a chamelion.  She has a collection of wigs and masks.  She often changes her appearance. The security guards stated, “she tries to deceive us by looking different – that’s why she has the mask on tonight – but we know who she is.”

Conclusion: It seems it was a scam.  I worked the 4 days and Ms. Volianova’s alleged manager, Brian Takita  (who claims he works for Milyoni, Inc – The Leader in Social Entertainment) refused to pay me.  Mr. Takita stated, “We don’t have a written contract so I don’t have to pay you.”  I said I’d get legal help.  He said, “Go ahead and sue me you’ll never get paid anyway.”

So, I’ve had my attorney send him a demand letter giving him 10 days to respond.  No response.  So, I move forward with step 2 and will continue moving forward until I get paid. Per my attorney, Mr. Takita will owe me for 30 days of wages – in addition to the 4 days I worked.  On principle, I will persist.

I have proof of all of this including: emails, text messages and dated photos.  So, I’m not worried about their alleging this never happened.

Meanwhile,  in the best interest of the public, I think it is important to take this blog entry as a warning and notice that, I have knowledge and reason to believe, Mr. Brian Takita is a scam artist.  It is my understanding that Nadeea Voilanova (aka Yana Barsky) and Brian Takita live together in Topanga Canyon.  If anyone has had a similar experience with any of these three people, I’d LOVE to hear about it.

Heather Anne Scott, the woman who orchestrated the CL ad, hired me and communicated with me via email about the position seems to have slipped through the cracks.  Will Ms. Scott get off scott-free?  Not if I can help it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I will keep you posted.  Below are 4 of the 60-something photos I took of this, in my opinion, “severely disturbed” woman during Comic Con 2012 in San Diego.  Amazing!  She looks almost normal, doesn’t she?

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