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Brian Takita and Nadeea Volianova Scam

Brian Takita: Milyon Eyes on You

 A Milyon Eyes on You

A Milyon Eyes on You

I did a follow-up with my attorney moments ago.  I asked if he had heard anything from Brian Takita.  My attorney stated, “On July 30, 2012 at 2:18 pm, Mr. Takita phoned our call center. He didn’t leave a forwarding number or any other information.”

What’s my point? Brian Takita has repeatedly stated that he NEVER RECEIVED THE DEMAND LETTER(S) sent to both his home, and workplace – Milyoni, Inc . Why would Mr. Takita phone my attorney’s office if he never received the demand letters?

My first blog about this matter wasn’t posted until AUGUST 19th! I started blogging about this because Takita alleged he hadn’t received the demand letters, and still refused to pay me!

I double-checked with my attorney about my right to post these blogs.  My attorney informed me that because of a little thing called, “freedom of speech” I have the right to post these truthful blogs.

Dear Mr. Takita,

Pay me what you owe me and I will let the world know you did.

Standing my ground,


P.S. Let’s not forget Ms. Heather Anne (Heather Anne Scott) – the assistant with whom I communicated via email.  The assistant who placed the Craig’s List ad on behalf of Mr. Takita.  The assistant who warned me, via email, about their  “difficult” client, Nadeea.


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  1. no mercy for scammers