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Brian Takita: Libel & Slander

Brian Takita: The man Who Scammed Me

Scam Artist? You Tell Me.

Hey Everyone,

I hadn’t heard from Mr. Brian Takita since before my last blog post. That’s about 10 days. Today at approximately 12:16 pm I received the following voice mail from him:

“Hello, Carolyn this is Brian Takita calling.  I need you to take that blog post down.  If you don’t I’m going to come after you (pregnant pause). To the fullest legal extent for libel, and for slander.”

Hmm…was that a threat? There’s quite a pause after, “I’m going to come after you.”

Dear Brian,

I would have never heard from you again, if it wasn’t for this blog.

It is my understanding that “libel” is a written or visual FALSE representation of a person that has been published in a permanent way with proven disregard for FACT OR TRUTH. It should not be confused with “slander” which refers to oral or spoken proven UNTRUTHS.

All statements contained in all my blog posts about this unfortunate matter are, unfortunately, true and factual (in my opinion AND experience). I have a paper trail of evidence, along with photographs.

It’s interesting (and disturbing) that you’ve somehow deluded yourself into thinking that you are at no fault. You threaten to SUE ME for letting others know that you refuse to pay me after I provided services to your client, as promised??? What other kinds of twisted logic goes on in that head of yours?  Who’ll be your next unsuspecting victim?

I wouldn’t have to waste my time, or contaminate my blog with this information if you would have just PAID ME for the services I provided to your alleged client, Nadeea Volionova aka Yana Barsky for 4 days during San Diego Comic Con, 2012 (not to mention REIMBURSE me for the items Volionova demanded I buy her). You stated that I should sue you and that you’d never pay me even if I did.  Do you really expect me to do nothing about this???

I’m moving forward with the remedy in place. I have knowledge and reason to believe that you ignored legal documents sent to your home, and workplace.  If you’d really like to resolve this matter I suggest that you respond to those documents. If you really didn’t receive the documents please let me know, provide me with a mailing address,  and I’ll have my attorney resend them.  Last time I requested a current address you refused to provide one. It’s my understanding that the way you’ve handled this matter is, well, frankly, illegal. If it’s not illegal to hire someone, have them do the work, and then tell them to FxcK Off, and not pay them -then there’s certainly no crime here.  Just complete lack of ethics, morals, values, good judgment.  I’m not going to be one of your victims, Mr. Takita, and I won’t be bullied.  I need you to pay me for the services I rendered.

I welcome a response from you, Mr. Takita, pointing out the UNTRUTHS in any of my posts regarding this matter.

I just received a voice mail at 1:20 pm from someone who identified himself as, Dejon Young (not sure about the spelling)

“Hello Mrs. Matteo, umm.  My name is Dejon and  I’m, I’m  giving you a call.  Please give me a call back at your earliest convenience at (phone number) umm, my name is Dejon Young and I’m calling in regards to an article written online, umm, that I’d like to inquire about and see if we can discuss it. Umm, anyway (phone number) umm, this is regarding your blog, ok, thanks.”

Ok, I have no idea who this person is. The entry above is verbatum.  Dejon, do you work for Milyoni? Are you an attorney? Mediator? Thug? I don’t know. It would not be in my best interest, or productive for me to speak with you on the phone.  I don’t trust Mr. Takita, and have no idea who you are.  If you’d like to “inquire and discuss my blog” I welcome you to send any written communications to the return address on either of the demand letters sent, by my attorney, to Mr. Takita’s home and workplace.  Better yet, just have Mr. Takita pay me.

To date, I have not received payment from Mr. Takita who alleges he works for Milyoni, Inc. – the leader in social entertainment.


Brian Takita: Is this a SCAM? You tell me.

Brian Takita: Scam Artist? You tell me.

Brian Takita: Scam Artist? You tell me.

Brian Takita’s text message response to my previous post (Brian Takita Fails Fair Business Practices 101):  “I always wanted to pay you.  I just never had enough information.”

HUH?!? Of course you did, Brian! That’s why you  AND Nadeea, AND your assistant HEATHER ANNE SCOTT, ignored my phone calls, text messages, emails and demand letters for 2 MONTHS!

How about this?  I’d like to give Brian Takita  an opportunity to redeem himself.  I’ve sent a demand letter to both his home AND his workplace at Milyoni Inc. – THE LEADER IN SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT.  That was almost two months ago. Takita swears he never received EITHER.  Neither letter was returned. Interesting, don’t you think?  I even prefaced the sending of the letter to Milyoni with a phonce call, so I know (and they know) they were expecting it.  Could Milyoni be the self-alleged LEADER because the individuals who work for them never PAY their employees? Hey, it’s a creative way to cut expenses. Not great for the reputation, but keeps the bank balance on the bright side.Takita has given me all kinds of orders. The most current being, as you already know if you read my 2 previous posts, to REMOVE my posts about him and then MAYBE  after it has been down for a MONTH he’ll pay me what he FEELS he owe me.  For all the employers out there – isn’t that how EVERYONE does business?!?

Well, I only realized today that I haven’t given Mr. Takita any orders, outside of the ignored official demand letter sent by my attorney.  I’ve never been good at giving orders.  I like the feel of level ground. I like opportunities. So, I’m creating an OPPORTUNITY for Mr. Takita to REDEEM himself in the eyes of cyberspace, and whoever else matters to him.

It goes something like this. No, it goes exactly like this, because this post is the OFFICIAL REDEMPTION OPPORTUNITY.

Dear Mr. Takita,

WHEN you pay me WHAT you owe me as outlined in the DEMAND letter you RECEIVED I will post a NEW BLOG letting everyone know you redeemed yourself.  I will NOT however remove my posts being that they are TRUE and FACTUAL.  Opting to redeem yourself  does not  mean that you didn’t SCREW ME in the first place. (Remember how you said, “We don’t have a contract I don’t have to pay you. Go ahead and sue me you’ll never get the money anyway?”)

So, the posts stay up. They only went up because you refused to pay me.  But, should  you choose to redeem yourself, at least the world will know that in the END you DID THE RIGHT THING.  I really shouldn’t even give you this opportunity. You don’t deserve it. I say this because it is true, and because the course of action I’m moving forward with could potentially reward me  substantially MORE.  I digress.

In closing, you already have my address ON THE DEMAND LETTER(S). So, when I RECEIVE payment from you I’ll post a blog to let everyone know.  Until then, you are Brian Takita, Man of False Promises.  Is this a SCAM?  You tell me.

Dear Readers: To date I have not been paid for the services I rendered as a “personal assistant” to Brian Takita’s alleged “client” and presumed “live-in buddy” (Nadeea Volianova aka Yana Barsky) during Comic Con San Diego 2012 from July 12 through July 15.

Brian Takita Employment History: (Per his Linked In Public Profile):

(Current)Lead Developer at Milyoni, Inc, Senior Software Engineer at TrueCar, Inc., (Current) Investor/Artist Management Team at Nadeea, Lead Developer at Honk.com, Agile Engineer at Pivotal Labs, Consultant at KGB (formerly InfoNXX), Consultant at Grockit.com, Consultant at Peer to Patent, IT Analyst at NASPP, Web Application Developer Intern at Flextronics.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.  I’ll keep you posted. Love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

Brian Takita Fails Fair Business Practices 101

I have a dilemma. I just got a phone call from Brian Takita (above left), the man who failed to pay me for services I rendered TWO MONTHS AGO, as a personal assistant to his alleged client, Nadeea Volianova (aka Yana Barsky) for 4 days, during Comic Con San Diego, July 12th – July 15th, 2012.

Brian is upset about one of my earlier blog posts. It is a post in which I share my experience as Nadeea’s personal assistant.  Brian claims I’ve “slandered” him, and Nadeea. He said he’s getting “a lot of flak from his side” and needs me to take down my blog post.

I told Brian that when he pays me, I’ll take the post down and that had he paid me in the first place, it would have never gone up.  He proceeded to argue with me about the amount due. He said, “There weren’t supposed to be any wages paid for that position. I didn’t even know you were hired.”  This is despite the fact that both his client, Nadeea, and his assistant Heather Scott (the woman who posted the CL help wanted ad and hired me on behalf of Mr. Takita) stated that Brian was responsible for payment. This is despite the fact that I have emails from Brian Takita stating that he is the “only” responsible paying party. This is despite my possessing emails stating the amount of payment. Brian also claims to have “never received” the demand letter sent by my attorney.  That’s interesting in that two copies were sent – one to his home, and the other to his place of employment, Milyoni Entertainment, Inc.  In the next breath, Brian mentions the demand letter.

Are Mr. Takita’s inconsistent statements due to some situational Alzheimers?  Or, could they be a symptom of the deadly Pinocchio Virus that’s going around?

First off, I haven’t “slandered” anyone. I’ve simply shared my “experience”.  Secondly, it’s clear that I would have NEVER HEARD FROM BRIAN TAKITA AGAIN, if I hadn’t posted a blog about my experience.  When this all went down in July Brian stated,” We don’t have a written contract, I don’t have to pay you. Go ahead and sue me, you’ll never get paid anyway.” What kind of person does this? What kind of person says these things?

And now, only AFTER Mr. Takita read my blog, is he interested in a POSSIBLE sketchy payment plan.  He made some lame offer to pay me HALF of what he “feels” he owes me IF I take the blog post down, and the other half AFTER THE BLOG HAS BEEN DOWN FOR A MONTH. WHAT?!?!? I think it’s safe to assume that Mr. Takita failed both Symbolic Logic AND Fair Business Practices 101.

I have a dilemma.  As I already stated, I’m sure I would have NEVER heard from Mr. Takita again, had I not posted a blog about my experience. A blog that just so happens to spread a bit of public light on what seems a dark character. If I take the blog down, will I be doing a disservice to others, like myself, who may fall prey to this finger-pointing threesome?  I have no reason to believe that even if I take the blog down Mr. Takita will ever pay me because he has demonstrated to me that he  just isn’t a man of his word.

So, what to do?  When I desperately needed the money that I EARNED and was PROMISED by Mr. Takita, Mr. Takita ignored my emails and phone calls, as did Nadeea, as did Heather Anne Scott. With that said, and after MUCH deliberation I’ve made a decision.

In the best interest of all, and in the name of principle, the blog post stays.  I will move forward with the course of action in place.  It’s just not ok to screw people like this and have a sudden change of heart because your dirty laundry is unexpectedly hung for all to see.

Truth is, I’ll probably never see the money I earned, but hopefully, the fact that I’ve shared this information will prevent others from experiencing such loss.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I’ll keep you posted. Exercise caution when answering Craig’s List ads. Hope your judgement is better than mine…

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Moral of the story: If you are going to screw someone by not paying them, expect to read all about it on someone’s blog.

Heather Anne Scott

Heather Anne Scott

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